This fall we decided to start going on one-on-one dates with our kids once a month. There is a completely different dynamic when there are only two people instead of a group. We talk about things that are going on at school or things they are worried about or excited about. 

So far we’ve done all of the dates on a weekend. Paul, my husband will take one and I’ll take the other. And then a week or two later we switch it up. The kids get to choose what we do but it usually involves eating plus doing an activity. We’ve gone to movies, gone on hikes, tried new cafes, visited museums and just walked around Chinatown, The most interesting thing for me about this new routine is how good this is for our relationships. Most of our day-to-day interactions are based around getting to school on time or eating vegetables. It is so fun to have interactions that are 100% stress free and happy. This has been my favorite tradition so far and we intend to keep it going.