Up until about two months ago I lived in a tiny city apartment. One of the things we just never owned because of space constraints was board games. My kids played them in preschool and at friend’s houses but we’ve never played them at home. We recently moved to a bigger apartment with closet space (!) and I knew I wanted to finally start a board game collection.

When I learned about The Word Gap this last fall when I first met with Next Generation and the Clinton Foundation about their Too Small to Fail campaign, I knew this was the perfect goal to set. Because I love talking to my kids and reading to them but sometimes we run out of things to say beyond “how was your day.” Games give us something to talk about. Between birthdays the last few months and Christmas we have a nice collection going of 5 or 6 games.

We’ve been playing them several times a week when the kids get bored and I’m not ready to give in yet to the siren call of the screens. So we sit down and play a few rounds of games. It has been a really great activity because we talk about different things and make jokes even act competitive and try not to be sore losers. 

Thanks Go Mighty and Too Small to Fail for the inspiration to create this game night. It’s been a game-changer.