I’ve had a life list for as long as I can remember. The first one penned in scrawling handwriting in the back of a Lisa Frank journal. 

Now that I’m older and have a “real” job, a marriage, and about a hundred other things to think about and do, I don’t always remember those wishes and goals I pined over while braiding my hair and doodling “Sara loves Gavin (Rossdale).” Which is really unfortunate because life is truly short, and being an adult isn’t as fun as I thought it was without those adventurous tasks I dreamed of.

What I have realized though is that those adventurous tasks are made even more difficult to complete if there aren’t some basic foundational items taken care of. So, instead of focusing on my lofty goals of visiting all seven continents, writing a book, or opening a bottle of champagne with a sword I want to get back to the basics-the core parts of me that need a little sprucing up so I have the courage and the resources needed to sail the seven seas while rocking a bikini.

So, without further ado here are My Fives:

  1. Get my financial house in order
  2. Take care of my health
  3. Make service and gratitude a daily part of my life
  4. Start a Women’s Group
  5. Clean out, organize, and give away

Each of these is pretty broad and encompasses other, smaller goals. But, if I can tackle these in the coming year I’ll be well on my way to a happy, healthier, mightier life. And just maybe I’ll strike some of my smaller goals off in the process.