When I was 22 my mom died of Ovarian cancer. My best friend, Bahiyyih (that’s her above-isn’t she pretty?), helped me put myself back together. She was there for all the awful, terrible crying and wallowing and anger. And she loved me and held my hand and hugged me.

Now, eight years later, her mom is dying from the very same thing. Fucking cancer, man.

And all I want to do is to give her a big hug, to hold her hand, and fix her hair, and bring her cups of tea because I know how much that helps. I know how much hugs mean, especially for her. She thrives on hugs. And when your mom is dying you really can’t get too many.

But I can’t give her a hug. She’s in Alaska. I’m in Idaho. And although I continue to watch episodes of BSG, I still have no frackin’ clue how to travel faster than the speed of light.

So, I made her a video of me and my fiance giving her a virtual hug. Which made me think, what would be better than making a video of lots of people giving her hugs? More hugs are always better, right?

So, I created a Facebook event and invited everyone I know to make videos. Which then led to why not see if I can get one million people to give her hugs!

Which is where you come in.

Could you please. Pretty please with sugar on top. Grab the nearest smartphone and shoot a quick video of yourself giving Bahiyyih a hug-whatever that means to you. Then, email the clip to me (hugsforbahiyyih@gmail.com). I’ll put them all together, make them pretty, and send the final version to her. I’ll also post it to Facebook and here so everyone can have their 15 minutes of feel good time.

I know this might seem like a silly request. But trust me, it’s not. You have no idea how much good you’d be doing.

So please, will you help me give Bahiyyih lots of hugs?

Questions, comments, or concerns as well as hug videos can be sent to hugsforbahiyyih@gmail.com.

Thank you for your help and for encouraging me to always dream big!

So much love,