We are well aware of the fact that learning and gaining excellence  in the field and sports like jiu jitsu is not a
piece of cake. It requires extensive training, composed and coherent attitude
and most importantly, the will and the determination through the help of which
any opponent and any move can easily be handled and countered in an effective

In order to do this, it is essential
that the prominent fighting styles that are commonly used in the game of jiu
jitsu are learned and practiced repeatedly in order to ensure that the
techniques and the hacks related to it are learned and mastered accordingly. Some
of the key fighting styles that are used when learning the different practices
of jiu jitsu include:

Ground Positions

One of the primary ground positions that
are used in jiu jitsu is the full mount position. This position is normally
described and depicted with the involvement of one fighter sitting astride to
the chest of their opponent. This allows the player to handle their opponent
with the help of their own body weight and hip movement.

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Also, it is important to state here that
this is one of the most key primary ground positions that can be acquired by a
player engaged and involved in playing or practicing jiu jitsu on a
professional scale. At the same time, it is also important to outline here that
by gaining command on primary ground positions, a jiu jitsu player can easily end
up working his knees into the armpits of the opponent. This can easily reduce the
arm movement of the opponent, and can likely put him into a position where he
is unable to counter any move made towards his submission. Furthermore, the use
of full mount ground positions also comes in handy when it comes to immediate
submission of the opponent through the action of choking him or her.


When learning the key tricks and
techniques of jiu jitsu, it is important to understand that the moves of
submission are usually two that are most effective when it comes to defeating
and completely gaining control of the opponent and allowing him to submit as
quickly as possible. These submission techniques are known as joint lock and
the action of choking. Joint locks usually focus on areas that involve the
submission of the opponent through the use of the technique that involves isolation
of the opponent’s limb to create a lever with the help of forming a body

This move effectively pressures the movement
of the joint, allowing it to move into an uncomfortable range of motion that it
would in normal conditions. With the joints of the opponent under extreme
pressure, it is quite likely that the opponent has no other choice but to
submit. The other type of submission technique that is used is known as the
compression lock, which is less commonly used. This usually involves the use of
shin and wrist, but the effect of this lock can cause immense pain to the
opponent leaving him with no other option but to opt for the option of