I don’t drink wine.  

I know, how is this possible?  I have been to Europe, South America, and Africa.  I am well-educated.  I am opinionated on so many things (quilting fabric, pens, stationary, soccer teams, soccer gear, etc.).  How is it that I have traveled this far through my life without acquiring the taste for wine?  I just haven’t.  

I think the main problem is that I expect the wine to be sweet.  So when it’s not, my taste buds are just offended… like, “Booooo!  What is this swill?  Seriously, what are you doing to us?”  I also don’t really do hard liquor… so I figured it was time to grow up a bit, which is why I took on this wine challenge.  

So far, it’s been kind of hit or miss.  A note about my taste:  if one were to twist my arm and force me to order wine at Olive Garden, I would order the Lambrusco.  Yeah, that is exactly my point.  If it is not a white wine and its refrigerated  can it really be called a wine?  On hearing about my wine challenge my friend Rachel tried to set me up with some wines.  Her hope was that she might be able to help me, with her sophisticated understanding of palates, and flavors, and blossoms and grapes, etc.  She gave me a bottle of wine, which I mistook for formaldehyde   Seriously.  When I told her this, I think she lost all hope for me.  

So far, I really liked the Wild Berry Pinot Noir and the Lindelman’s Pinot Grigio.  The other night, I dug out a bottle of wine that my husband and I bought in Paris in 2006.  It was bottled in 2004.  I felt like kind of a big deal.  Yeah, a real shot caller.  Like a boss. 

My husband, while being somewhat fluent in French, was useless in translating the language on the bottle.  Apparently, it was written in the most flowery descriptive French you can imagine.  So I have no idea what it was I drank.  It was carmel colored and super sweet.  Yeah, I am guessing it probably went bad (its not like this was stored adequately in a cool celler).  It has been sitting in a wine rack on top of the fridge.  Seriously, I don’t know why I am allowed to be an adult.  

All for now.  Will write more when I drink more!!