I had considerably less drama today on my run.  I took off in the opposite direction (of yesterday) and was okay until it came to turning onto Diversey.  I got tripped up by the weirdo diagonal street (Clybourne),  and ended up backtracking.  

It was a bit warm today- but I am not complaining.  Its barftastic in Tally-ho, so I am just going to shut it and move on.  

Also, since I am trying to avoid carrying my life on my person ALL THE TIME, I decided to leave my running clothes in the office yesterday and wear them again.  They were pretty funky.  I guess as long as I cannot get out the door in the morning run near my house, my punishment is wearing funky running stuff.  So far we haven’t reached the point where the threat of doing so is enough to get me going in the morning.  :)

My only technical debacle was the fact that I never restarted my run on Runkeeper after taking the second picture on the bridge, so Gympact won’t count it.  I guess I will have to do some type of workout at the house.  Technology: Sometimes more trouble than it’s worth.  I am taking a friend home on Friday night and might see about a run near Ping Tom Memorial Park.  I have checked it out on Google Street View and it looks pretty awesome… with a bridge-bridge.