I have a bad habit of squandering my time by hemming and hawing about how best to spend it. The to-do list is nagging, and it’s not getting any shorter…but I’d rather do something more fun…but I’m too fried to leave the house…but will I feel like a lump if I just watch Modern Family tonight?…interesting blog post…Jane Doe has posted 1,423 new photos to the album “Wedding <3″ on Facebook? Don’t mind if I do!…She looks so great these days!…I really need to start running again…Too bad it’s definitely too late to go running right now…Wait, it’s already dark?…Oh! a new episode of Modern Family is up.

So instead of wasting time deciding, I’m eliminating the decision. For 20 minutes today, I’m going to do nothing. Not in the sense of “What’s up?” “Oh, nothing,” but in the good ol’ fashioned sense of the word. No screen to zone out in front of, no work projects to needle over. I’m going to sit and breathe.

I’m not aspiring to meditation here — that sound an awful lot like something. I’m just going to inhabit my body — no agenda — and see what that’s like.