A few years ago I was browsing the crafting books at a local bookstore and spotted this book.  As was normal for me at the time, I got it, was inspired to do things for others but then promptly did nothing, absolutely nothing about it.  Time passed and I finally took the time to look up Craft Hope on the internet and was completely blown away by what this one woman was doing for others.  If you ever doubt that one person can make a difference in this crazy world we are a part of, look up Craft Hope and learn of it’s history and read about how much has been done because of one woman and a simple idea she had about helping others in simple tangible ways.

The current project is to make hats, scarves and blankets to be added to a crate Another Child Foundation sends each year to help orphaned children and families survive the harsh winter in Romania.  I live in Southern California and need a hat and scarf when it hits 60 degrees – these families and children face temperatures which consistently stay below freezing and below zero!  I can’t really wrap my mind around that. Add to that these children and families do not have access to or cannot afford basic human needs – food, shelter, clothing – and I just cannot even imagine what it must be like to know winter is coming.

I’m no the best/fastest knitter nor the best/fastest crocheter but I did manage to whip up four hats, one scarf, and one set of arm warmers over the last couple of weeks.

Craft Hope for Romania

The patterns I used are as follows:

Hats:  from Crocheting the Day Away - If you crochet, you should check out this site.  It’s spectacular and she offers a lot of ideas and patterns

Scarf:  from Laughing Purple Goldfish Designs -

Arm Warmers: from The Purl Bee - do yourself a favor and just click the link even if you aren’t interested in the pattern.  It’s a beautiful site and there are lots of project ideas – not just knitting!

The next Craft Hope project is set to be announced next week and I’m eager to find out what I’ll be making next!

Have a lovely week folks!

Participating in Craft Hope projects in one way I am helping others in 2013 as part of my Life List on Go Mighty

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