The ever-rising popularity of social networking sites is really catching
the attention of people. Different users take out some precious moments of
important time and love to spend time on Facebook. It is equally loved by
people of all age group as it is a great means of communication with those
people sitting apart. Even users can have a communication with different people
across different countries. But sometimes peculiar situations arise with
Facebook also as users forget the password of their Facebook account as well.
So, this become quite puzzling as how to recover Facebook password. Here are some key steps that will
assist you in this regard.

Steps to recover Facebook password:

The following steps can help you in recovering Facebook password.

Ø  First of all,
go to Facebook official login page. Enter your email Id and click on next.

Ø  In the next
step, it will prompt you to enter your FB password. Instead of filling password
click on I have forgotten my FB password link.

Ø  Now, it will
ask you to submit the last password you remember.

Ø  In case you
do not remember it then do not worry as you have the option of password

Ø  For password
recovery submit a recovery email or phone number submitted at the time of
account creation.

Ø  Now, you will
receive a six-digit code on your FB Id. Please click on that link and you are
free to recover your password.

Ø  Now, you have
the full rights to reset your Facebook password.

Ø  Choose a new
password and confirm it.

Ø  Congratulations
you have recovered your Facebook account password successfully.

So, these steps can solve the issues regarding Facebook not working.

In case, you are getting any issues in Facebook account recovery without email and password, or you are
facing issues with password recovery then you can get in touch with either
Facebook customer support or third-party support as well.

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