Many people dream of making their career in commerce. Sales is a constant challenge and, as a result, the professions in this sector require some skills. Here are the qualities that make good commercials!

Technical skills

Commercial professions require specialized skills in market analysis. Indeed, professionals must be able to identify the needs of target clients, their selection conditions and their budget. A good knowledge of the services and products concerned is essential to have strong sales arguments and thus obtain good results with potential customers. They also need real management skills to lead sales teams and to set objectives to achieve and motivate their employees. Business courses such as an MSC in France allow students to acquire the basics to progress in the business sector (commercial techniques, organizational sociology, international trade, negotiation, brand strategy and human resources management).

Personal qualities

Honesty and sincerity are essential to build a durable relationship with customers. They must be expressed in the speech to give credit to the marketing arguments. An active listening and a developed relational skills are necessary to gain the confidence of prospects. Customer satisfaction is the key to generating sales in the short and the long term, and creativity can help the professional to lead commercial activities in order to encourage consumers to proceed to the shopping.

Rigor and perseverance

The commercial is often required to work under pressure. He have quarterly, half-yearly and annual targets to achieve. He prospects and meets potential clients, and manages difficult negotiations in which he risks to lose business partners or important customers; in this regard, he must have flexibility, patience and perseverance to be able to successfully accomplish the tasks assigned to him. He must also have a good presentation, a good elocution, be smiling and give a good reflection of the brand he represents.