My favorite side effect from building a community entertaining library is that my garage got cleaned up. It’s been on my list for at least the last 5 years — get my garage in order.


But that was it, the garage development stopped when it was in order

This was not an inspirational garage ordering… a post-Pinterest garage ordering… this was the basic kind of getting my garage in order. It was the how do I get to my mother-in-law’s turkey platter? kind of garage ordering.

The pressure my own ego put on me to style my garage — especially when it’s going on a site with fancy ladies like Go Mighty — was huge. 

I mean, I wanted to bring in flowers and a festive banner.
A chalkboard wall and matching bins.
Whimsical pegboards.

But after thinking about it, I really didn’t care about that kind of garage.

Our landlord also stores some things in our garage, so we’re working with a single car space — we’re looking at the half of the garage I saved for the Entertaining Library.

I started by taking inventory of all the stuff in my garage — and then I categorized that stuff.  I found  that nearly everything fell into one of four categories.

1. It was a holiday decoration
2. A thing I was saving for my kids
3. Something for my house that I wasn’t using (ceramics, vases, framed stuff).
4. Tools and art supplies – I
tems you’d use to make or fix something

Everything went in a bin. Those bins were stacked in descending order from the holiday furthest away in the calendar year — Christmas decorations (the most recent holiday) were on the far right bottom. Then the bins for Halloween, our costume box and finally our Easter and Patrick’s day box (coming up!). The bins for the girls’ artwork and assorted keepables was also on that side.


On the right, I stored all my house stuff (knick knacks I’m not using, ceramics, vases), curtains, and board games.

Note to robbers: Other than the bike we keep locked up, none of this stuff has any monetary value. Seriously. But if you find yourself in there and don’t mind taking James’ giant Reservoir Dogs poster, I might forget to report the theft.

I put art stuff, yard chemicals, painting and grilling gear on the North wall. Up on the shelf above, I stored camping gear, snowboarding gear and James’ music stuff. 

A category for everything and everything in a category.

The other half of our garage belongs to the Entertaining Library.
I can’t wait to show you what we built.