Six months ago, I gave away or sold the majority of my belongings, ditched my dream apartment, and left a city I’m deeply in love with to move to New York.

And what an amazing six months it has been. I’ve eaten piles of meatballs and Crif Dogs, walked the streets through blizzards and thunderstorms, photo adventured through upstate and downtown, and made so many good friends who I truly consider my New York family.

The move has also been challenging. It’s been a long winter. I’ve had a lot of opportunity for introspection while the city hibernates, thinking hard about what is really important to me in work and life, and whether or not the things I’m working on actually make me happy. Long story short, it’s time to make some changes.

So, after a year with Skillshare, I said my goodbyes last week. I’m so fortunate to have spent the last year working with such brilliant people, I’m really proud of what we accomplished together and I look forward to seeing what they continue to build.

So what’s next?

For the first time in my life, I’m not in a hurry to find my next full-time gig. In fact, I’m not really looking.

I’m taking this opportunity to make the jump into doing my own thing. For right now, I’ll be consulting with a handful of startups, ticking off items on my Go Mighty life list, finally taking some Skillshare classes, and shooting for Square and other clients (interested? ping me).  

I’m also California-bound. I have a new dream apartment, a bunch of work, and so many good friends waiting for me there. I’d be silly not to take the opportunity, and who knows, I might end up back in New York again someday.

I’m going to spend my last weeks here exploring the nooks and crannies of New York—in a strange way, it feels like my first real opportunity to do so. I’ve had a massive New York to-do list sitting in my moleskine, untouched largely because it’s been quite cold and I’ve been quite busy. If you’d like to grab coffee, explore the city, or work on a quick startup or photography project before I leave, please holler via

Here are some of my favorite moments from my time in New York. Thanks for the memories, guys.