I created this goal a while ago, but I realized how badly I need to achieve it when I was running after the G train the other day.

The G train does not run often. Living in Greenpoint, which is only accessible by G train, I depend on it to get basically anywhere I need to go. If I miss it, I could be waiting in the subway station for 15 or 20 minutes (which is a very long time in NY, as we’re always in a hurry, you know).

So if I’m arriving to the G station as the G is arriving, I run like mad to catch that train.

Mind you, this is only 20-30 seconds of frantic running. No big deal. But as of lately, when I arrive at the traincar and take a seat, I am sweating and panting for the next 20 minutes. After 20 seconds of running. This is not good.

I’m generally a healthy person. I eat lots of salads, I do yoga twice a week, I walk a lot. But running has historically been, to say it lightly, a challenge for me.

I really, really hate running. Growing up, I always found ways to avoid it, whether it was faking doctors notes claiming I was injured or skeletally deformed, or finding ways to avoid PE altogether. I managed to avoid running the entirety of my childhood and teenage years. I’m impressed when I think about it.

Finally, at 24 years old in San Francisco, I decided to give it a try. I downloaded GetRunning (also known as “Couch to 5k”), and started jogging around the Mission in tiny intervals, which the app eventually increases for you until you eventually are running 30 minutes without stopping.

I made it to 18 minutes. Then I quit my job, and my schedule changed, and (insert ten more excuses here). I haven’t run since, with the exception of running after the G.

So now I begin. I just ordered some new running shoes, and I’m ready to open my app back up and start running in tiny intervals, increasing week by week, until I finally hit my 20 minute goal.

Let’s do this.

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