Ok, it’s time to complete my goal!

To recap, I set a goal of sending thank you cards to everyone I care about telling them how much I appreciate them and how generally awesome they are. I did my research, found some cards I fell in love with, and they finally arrived!

Writing these cards was such a gratifying experience. It forces you to take a step back, think about who is truly important in your life, and remember all of the ways in which they’ve helped you, been there for you, and otherwise affected you positively over the past year. By the end of the process you’re feeling really great about your life the the people you’ve chosen to have in it.

If you have some time over the holidays, sit down and try something like this. Even if it’s as simple as writing a few emails thanking a few close friends for making your year a better one, it’s an easy to make the day (or year) of those important to you – for many, in today’s bloated social world, they may have no idea how important they really are.

This was a good goal. I might do this again next month, just for kicks.