Our wedding cake was a brown sugar pound cake with a chocolate-bacon ganache filling and maple-cream cheese frosting.

If it weren’t for the most thoughtful caterers who secreted away two skinny slices for our night at a nearby B&B, all we would have tasted were the bites we fed each other minutes before the whole thing was devoured by friends and family.

We really should have invited more vegetarians. One skinny slice was. Not. Enough.

On Valentine’s Day, I finally decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.

This recipe made two dozen cupcakes. Once they cooled, I scooped a circle out of each cupcake with a grapefruit spoon. Instead of ganache, I mixed chopped bacon with Nutella (an excellent substitution), put a spoonful in each cupcake and replace the tops. Then I frosted them and sprinkled a little more bacon on top.