All the search Engines don’t care about your attractive pictures, images or any other animations. The thing to be taken care is your keywords, keyword density, alt tags, permalinks and some more technical aspects which may seem boring to you. No wonder how killing is your Marketplace WordPress Theme, but if you really don’t give a damn to your SEO, everything goes in vain. Here is a quick guide which will take you through all important aspects of SEO step by step. 

1.Provide great Content 

With great I mean unique, innovative and engaging. The keyword density should be accurately maintained and keywords should be wisely used. The content should not be written to only emphasize the keywords. Rather content should be written according to the topic and should not lose its relevancy to the desired audience.

2.Back linking

Provides links in your website with other high page ranking websites. Strike a proper balance. It should not be such that every page is back linked to other. Perform all the backlinking with proper caution and legalities.

3.Better use of Images

You must have noticed some images come while searching for any topic. Yes, just make sure that image name of your picture should have the desired keyword or name is appropriately. Secondly, don’t forget to provide the title tags and alt tags for you images. These also help in SEO optimization.

4.Try using short permalinks

Rather than using, one should follow the correct naming pattern which includes the keyword as well. Something like this should be used. While indexing and ranking, Google only looks at first four words of your permalink. 

Be careful of not mirroring any website. Websites using of black hat techniques are being punished by Google.

5.Use responsive themes

Google prefers the website which has a common layout for all the devices. Following a two website approach may result in loosing SEO of the complete website.

6.Using Good plugin

There are various plugins available on the internet as well as on the official website. You can download for free or get a more customized plugin by going for paid plugins.

7.Promoting via social media

Get your social media pages ready as soon as possible. The social media plays a very important role in marking a ubiquitous presence and creating bench marks. It’s better to promote posts from the other group as well; people will notice your kind gesture and will share yours too.

8.Better to highlight keywords

Whenever you write content, it’s important that your keywords should fall perfectly in place with the content. Also, make sure to highlight your keywords using h1-h6 headings. Make sure that you don’t overdo that.

9.Fast loading of landing pages

Google ranks the website higher, which are fast loading. So make sure that you landing page doesn’t have those heavy images and flash images. Its better if you make your home page or landing page a bit more clear and clean. It has been seen websites with more white space and engaging content are ranked higher. 

10.Creating an XML sitemap

It is preferred if you use XML sitemap for your websites. It is very easy to create in WordPress due to availability of plugins such as Google XML Sitemaps. 

These are just 10, but there are more than 300 criteria which are followed by Google in deciding the rank. Google is doing its work and you should do yours. Try providing unique, engaging, relevant and innovative content to your marketplace WordPress theme  which will leverage web traffic and boost your SEO.