Summer is officially half way over, but we have yet to build a mile-long Slip ‘N’ Slide, host a black tie picnic, or make out in the car. Let’s get on this.

If you add any of these ideas to your own Life List and tag them #gosummer, we’ll enter you for a chance to attend Camp Mighty at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. And if you tag your own summer resolutions, those count too.

Here are our 75 Ideas for Your  Summer Life List:

Attend the Edinburgh International Festival

Attend the Jazz Age Lawn Party On Governor’s Island

Backpack into the Wilderness

Bruise Yourself Grievously on a Slip ‘n’ Slide

Build a Treehouse

Buy Popsicles for Everyone at the Pool

Catch Fireflies, Tell Them Your Secrets

Chuck a Tomato at La Tomatina

Climb a Tree, a Really Big Tree

Collect Seashells, Encrust Something

Develop a Healthy Habit

Do Something Dubiously Legal at Outsidelands in San Francisco

Drink Coconut Water Right from the Coconut

Drink from a Chalice at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Eat an Enormous Turkey Leg at the Fair

Eat More Things on Sticks

Explore Your Ice Alternatives

Fashion a Toy Sailboat

Finish a Color Run

Finish the First Chapter of You Novel

Get Fresh Salsa from the Farmer’s Market

Get Scuba Certified

Go Diving for Abalone, Successfully Resurface for Air

Go Summer Sledding

Grill Something Weird

Hand Crank Some Grown-Up Ice Cream

Hang Your Bare Feet Over the Deck a Sailboat

Have a Black-Tie Picnic

Have a Crawfish Boil

Have a Summer Fling

Hone Your Skills at a Batting Cage

Host an Outdoor Movie Night

Kickball Tournament!

Kiss at the Top of a Ferris Wheel

Learn to Drive a Stick Shift

Learn to Hula

Learn to Salsa

Learn to Skateboard

Make a Daisy Crown

Make a Substantial Bet on a Mini Golf Game

Make Boozy Berries

Make Out in the Car

Make Someone a Friendship Bracelet

Memorize a Poem for When You Need It Later

Nap in a Hammock

Order Room Service to Your Camp Site

Perfect Your Cheese Plate

Perfect Your Margarita

Play Croquet, The Drinking Game

Punch a Redwood, It Can Take It

Put a Teepee in the Backyard

Rent a Scooter

Road Trip

Score a Bargain at One of the World’s Largest Garage Sales

See a Drive-In Movie

Set a Skinny Dipping World Record

Shuck Some Oysters

Sleep on a Boat

Snorkel with Manta Rays

Squeeze Your Own Lemonade

Start Working Your Way Through a Book List

Swim Up to the Bar

Swim with the Manatees in Florida

Take First Prize in a Sand Castle Competition

Take Mermaid Photos

Toss Some Confetti

Throw Your Hands Up When the Roller Coaster Dips

Toss 100 Paper Airplanes from a Skyscraper

Turn Your Sidewalk into a Game Board

Walk Every Street in Your Town

Watch the Perseid Meteor Shower

Wear a Humorously Oversized Sunhat

Wear a Watermelon Helmet

Wear Your Summer Galoshes at Bumbershoot

Win a Water Fight