Posted February 17, 2013

Try 10 new beers/ciders



  1. saraheSarah Erdlen

    Mmmm, micro-brews are my jam! What area of the country are you in? If you’re in the East, DogFish Head Brewery is my absolute favorite. Bell’s Brewery (from MI) and Breckinridge (CO) are also top notch.

  2. anelsonA N

    I’m on the East Coast, yes, in Virginia! I’ve heard of DogFish Head Brewery but never tried it. I hope they carry it around here, I’ll keep an eye out :)

  3. jessibishoproyseJessi Bishop-Royse

    A type of beer that you ought to try (don’t know your taste), that sometimes get ignored because they are different are lambics. Lambics are definitely a gateway beer. I would totally drink them at 8am if drinking beer at 8am werent a sign of alcoholism. Lindemans makes some very elegant and tasty ones… including peach, rasberry, and cherry. Good luck.

  4. Retta Ritchie-Holbrook

    I joined a beer club this past year at a local restaurant and have been discovering all kinds of new flavors. I enjoy dark ales and stouts and one my new favs is an English dark ale called Hobgoblin from Wychwood Breweries. I agree about Dogfish Head and Bell’s as well. I’m in Kentucky and can get Dogfish so I bet you can too. Fun!

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