1. Allyson Mabry

    I live in New York also but lately I’ve been feeling like I really only live ‘in an apartment in New York’.

    I’d love to hear what sort of NYC things you’re planning to do.

    1. CurrentlyCovetingSharon Kim

      There are so many I don’t think I can list them here! I will try and keep this updated with all the things that I plan on doing. I can already tell you that biking to Coney Island and Rockaway Beach is something you should definitely do once in your life. Top of the Rock is better than the Empire State Building (if you’re on the Empire State Building you can’t *see* the Empire State Building), taking the Staten Island Ferry is the best free entertainment the city has to offer and it also offers one of the cheapest beer prices in the city and walking around for a few hours and exploring new neighborhoods is always worth it – especially the outer boroughs.

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