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On Saturday we took the kids to Descanso Gardens, a botanical garden about 45 minutes from our home and well worth the drive for anyone in Los Angeles/southern California/The USA/world. It was heaven, even if one by one the kids broke down. (Archer had a sleepover the night before so the kids were all up past 10 and up at 6. A lethal combo and one that soon caught up with us on our sojourn.)

Note to self: never plan a day of walking the day after a sleepover. 

But whatever. I mean… if you’re going to meltdown, it might as well be in the middle of a lush field surrounded by trees and gazebos and roses. And between meltdowns we had a really magical time. We rode the train and watched the ducks. Fable made a flower arrangement in the Japanese gardens and Archer and his friend chased each other up bridges and down trails. We ran through an arbored path and played musical chairs in the middle of a maze and Bo tried to pet the koi fish and almost fell into a pond 7879873982 times.

And we can’t wait to go back.