Sometimes I’ll decide to do something, then wait so long to do it that it starts becomes this huge deal. Such was the case with these homemade croissants.

I came across them on Annie’s Eats probably a year a two ago, and thought to myself “I’m going to make those.” I didn’t make them. I just kept thinking about them. And then I started to get nervous about the 8 hours of baking dedication, and the fact that I didn’t own a bench scraper, and the tremendous amount of butter that would be wasted if I messed them up.

I got so worked up about them that I had to put them on my life list to make sure that someday I would make them.

The other morning I was feeling a bit down about not accomplishing some career goals I had hoped to hit by now, so I revisited my life list to remind myself that I will get there someday. As I sifted through the list, my goal of making croissants from scratch caught my eye. And I thought, why shouldn’t I accomplish something else today?

So the obscene amount of butter came out of the fridge, and I worked at it furiously with a hard plastic spatula in place of a bench scraper. I folded the dough around the butter square, tapped and rolled it out, folded it into thirds once then twice, refrigerated it and repeated the process over and over again. I formed the croissants, waited on the last rise, and quickly made a soup to round out a meal from my adventure. 

The house smelled like a boulangerie as the thick golden croissants emerged from the oven. I was thrilled until I saw them begin to fall a bit and a doughy center was revealed as I pulled the most promising one apart. Eight hours in and hope sinking, I threw them back in the oven for five more minutes and miraculously they were saved. Perhaps not the most beautiful croissants I’ve ever eaten, but the most delicious by far.

They tasted of butter, and success.