My grandson always bugs me about every “as seen on tv” crap he see’s. I’m kind of a sucker for them myself. Sometimes they end up ok, but mostly they’re crap. Then we saw moonsand. WTF, who buys this? I figured it was either people who live in high rise condo’s who don’t have access to backyards and real dirt, or germaphobes afraid to let the kids get a little dirty. I live in the country and we raise free range children here. Then I saw this pin and decided to try it. I used to make lots of play doh for the kids, so it seemed like a good challenge.

I read the ingredients, seemed easy enough, butw hat is this? Colored fine sand? You mean I have to drive to the craft store to buy sand? Hell no, we’re going to drive to the river for real sand! It was a good thing this is dry year, not like 2006, or I would’ve had to wait till September. Any way here is my sand

I sifted out the larger grains, rocks, twigs, leaves and such. Then I realized I didn’t have enough cornstarch. That chemistry class came in handy after all! I remembered how to pro-rate your recipe down if your short an ingredient.

I added food dye to the water.

And mixed it all up. Turns out the sand wasn’t fine enough and it didn’t really stick together to well. It was a little too wet too.

I let it set overnight and it did get a little better. I put it in  plastic baggie to save for later. My grandson wasn’t overly impressed. I guess I’ll stick to play doh.

Was it a fail or win? Well I guess if I wasn’t so cheap, and bought the extra fine sand, it may have been better. If I go the river again, I’ll try to remember to look for finer sand. But really, who buys sand? The website is called Frugal Village right? Whats so frugal about buying something you can get for free?