i completed my first goal!!  let me tell you about it…

every year i make a very serious point to meet up with each of my friends.  whether several times a year hanging out or going dancing, or maybe seeing them once for coffee… i make it happen.

in a time of electronic interaction, we’ve become socially broken.  i say this because i look at facebook & twitter and know everything my good friend is up to.  but i havent seen her in over 2 years in person.  nor talked with her – in person, on the phone or via facebook/twitter.  we’re conncected but not in a real way.  we’re all “connected” in the same way we are connected to tv show characters or celebrities.  we feel like we know each other but dont know each other at all.

every december, i start tracking my year to see who i have & have not seen during the year IN PERSON.  the problem is that the older we get its hard to schedule time but i make it happen.  this year i had lots of extras to do and lots of events to attend.  and i made an absolute point to do it all… and i did.  

i came, i hung out, i saw then and i conquered!