I was once asked, “What are you afraid of?”

I thought for a second and brazenly answered, “Nothing!”

But then later, I realised that it’s not true. I wasn’t lying when I answered, I simply don’t think about it because it’s not something I have to come across on a day to day basis.

Before I write the next line, I have to take a deep breath. I am afraid of being in water, swimming in large bodies of water and all that comes with it.

Many people who hear this react by saying, “Aren’t you Australian? Isn’t Australia all about surfing and beaches and swimming?” Sure. I certainly took swimming lessons as a kid and knew how to swim then – I don’t think I’d drown if you threw me in the water now but as I get older, I get more and more fearful. The ocean, the waves, having my head under water, not being able to touch the bottom with my feet, not being able to breathe, feeling like I’m swallowing water. It may be my biggest fear.

Anytime I am faced with the notion of swimming, I feel a sense of panic, which is exactly the reason learning to swim is on my Life List, which is also the reason I’m super appreciative of Olay’s help in achieving this goal.

It’s giving me the push I need to commit myself to this goal and to conquer this fear.

And I’m starting this week!

Thanks, Olay – for helping me change my life :)


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