Okay, so I have to start out by saying that I. Swam. A. Lap.

Maggie and I just had our final swim lesson where we combined a bunch of the drills we had previously been working on. I still have quite a bit to practice as far as timing my strokes and breathing. But the important part is that I was able to combine the last 4 classes worth of learning and I got to the other end of the pool (in the smaller part of the pool, but still counts)!

Hooray, I seriously can’t be happier. I did it. With lots of help and support, I did it.

And you know what? I can’t wait to get back in the water to keep practicing. There’s so much to keep track of while swimming. I’m no longer afraid of the water – and without that distraction I just have to keep track of all the mechanics.

Huge, huge thanks to Olay for the gift. Without that push, this Life List goal could very well have stayed on my list forever ;)

Swim2 (1)

Note how happy I look in that photo above, captured by Maggie at the very end of our last class.