Goodness, the night before my first swim lesson, I was so nervous that I really didn’t sleep well. The kind of sleep where you have lucid, highly detailed thoughts, working your way through a “to do” list. This particular to do list of mine was all swim class prep related, of course.

BUT! I’m so happy and excited to report that this first lesson was awesome – and here were the key ingredients of my success:

1) Commitment: My lessons are generously gifted to me by Olay . Hooray for that! Thanks to the Go Mighty team and Olay, I have a sense of commitment. Yes, I added “learn to really swim” on my life list, but truthfully, it’s one of those things that could have stayed on that list FOR FOREVER. Not because I didn’t want to do it, but because I was so afraid to do it that I really needed a good sturdy push.

2) A Great Buddy: When I made my life list goals public, Maggie Mason , noted that she also wanted swimming lessons to perfect her strokes. So we decided to combine our lessons. The lessons are private with one dedicated instructor for an hour. Having Maggie there worked perfectly as the support system I didn’t even know I needed. She was amazing to have next to me in the water and thankfully because of that it felt more fun than scary. She even gave me this cute encouragement postcard.

3) A Great Instructor: The classes at UCSF will span through January but within this very first class, our instructor Gregorio, who has a lifetime of swim coaching, took the time to talk us through what swimming really is. He broke all the multitasking down to several simple mechanics, and had us start with some breathing drills. Let me tell you, I inhaled so much water, yet still felt safe in the pool. It’s so comforting to understand what you’re doing and why, especially with something that I thought I would be super afraid to do.

I didn’t think I’d feel this, but I’m looking forward to next week’s lesson! Stay tuned for more chapters from this story :)

P.S. during the lesson, mostly due to Gregorio’s confidence, I also decided to add “complete a TRIATHLON” to my life list!