cross country skiing with family and old teammates in the Methow Valley

I couldn’t not keep up the theme of lame pun titles that I started with my recap of fall goals. Welcome! I present to you a review of my winter whimsies. My original list of winter goals can be found here.

  • learn how to make a pie from my mom

Yes! I helped her make apple pie for Thanksgiving (oh, wow, that was so long ago!). I love apple pie.

  • go to a stand up comedy show

Yes! The idea of a comedy show made me nervous because I’m the kind of person who feels obligated to throw out courtesy laughs when people make un-funny jokes, but I won free tickets to a show so I couldn’t turn that down. My worries were for naught because all the people we saw were hilarious. We laughed so hard.

  • do a month at Bar Method

I’m averting my eyes in embarrassment. No, this didn’t happen. But IT WILL.

  • go to Arizona

Yes! I threw my body temperature regulation system for a loop by spending some time in Tucson (75 degrees) and some time at the Grand Canyon (25 degrees). We watched a sunset and a sunrise, which was so serene and beautiful.

  • have a homemade marshmallow in my cocoa

Yes! I didn’t make the marshmallow, but my favorite local candy shop QUIN did. And I trust them.

  • read War and Peace

Yes! I’m glad I read it. I also finished right before the Olympics started, so the boost to my knowledge of Russia (or at least, Russia 200 years ago) was welcome. My recap is here.

  • run a fun 5K

I did two! The Jingle Bell Run was a bit rough because it was during Portland’s cold spell, so it was difficult to go outside and run in the 11 degree weather (I don’t claim to be tough; I know people out there were dealing with the polar vortex, but we keep our winters pretty mild in the Willamette Valley). The Worst Day of the Year Run was supplemented with Wizard of Oz costumes, so that was great.

yes, we came up with our costumes that morning. how ever did you know? 

  • go see the lights at Peacock Lane

I did this. It was underwhelming, I’m sorry. I’m no Grinch, but I was expecting more!

  • have a warm boozy drink

This was the hardest item on the list to accomplish. NOT. I had some good hot toddys with coworkers, and then when we were snowed in, my roommate and I subsisted on whiskey chai drinks. I highly recommend that.

  • go nerd out at OMSI After Dark (the forensics one!)

Oops, didn’t make it here. I’ll have to nerd out in the spring (May’s theme is Guilty Pleasures: bacon, coffee, chocolate. Okayyyyy.)

  • go to a Blazers game

I went to two! I could probably even throw a basketball stat or two your way.

  • make orange clove pomanders

Averting my eyes again in shame.

  • ski 60 km

Yeah, baby. I did it. My family and old ski teammates went to Washington’s Methow Valley for a few days and, despite lackluster snow, we managed to log some good mileage. It felt great to ski again. It always feels good to work really hard, eat really well with good people, and fall in bed exhausted. I just wish I could maintain that lifestyle for more than just a ski trip.

the beautiful (and unfiltered!) scenery of the Methow Valley

  • think of a research proposal

I didn’t. I should. Dang.

  • make holiday gifts for 5 people

I didn’t. I should have and I wanted to, but Christmas snuck up on me! I need to be more proactive next year.

  • volunteer 5 times

I was so ready to knock this one out of the park. I had lots of volunteering commitments set up, but then the snow/ice debacle occurred and everything was cancelled. I still did three events, so that’s a passing grade.

  • sign up for the GRE

I didn’t do this one, but that is because I am less sure about a decision to go to grad school. Probably eventually, yes, but I want to be sure about the direction I want to go in my studies before dedicating more time, money, and effort to it.

  • make peppermint donuts

Yes! Delicious. We are still trying to get the crushed candy cane out of our wood cutting boards, so you know it was successful.

  • ice skate

My old friends and I went ice skating on my birthday. My birthday is tucked between Christmas and New Year’s, so it is usually very lowkey. I don’t expect much from it, and it was nice to do something out of the ordinary to mark the day.