Month four. Just a day trip, but it was packed full. We left early — way earlier than I usually leave (please note to early birds, this early would not equate to your early) and because of that, I think, we stumbled upon a really great sight: seven zebra (!!) on the side of the road in San Simeon.

The zebra live in San Simeon — they are offspring of the zebra that lived at the Hearst Castle zoo in the 30s. They were left to pasture in the Hearst Ranch and *sometimes* you can catch a glimpse of them. But never have I seen them close to the road — you know — close enough where you can really see their different stripe patterns.

That was just the beginning of a really wonderful day. It also included treats from the Big Sur Bakery, hiking to Pfeiffer Falls, and going to Pfeiffer beach.

You can read about it all here:

Another thing we did that I don’t mention in the blog post: we went scouting for good future camping spots. Pro-tip: just take a photo of the spots you like with your camera and include the campsite number in the photo and then you’ll never forget (was it #33 at Plaskett and #22 at Kirk or the other way around?). We scouted at Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park Campground, Limekiln, and Kirk (even tho we already have our Kirk dream spot picked out).

Protip: I think there is more space between the Pfeiffer campsites than Limekiln. In fact, Limekiln seemed pretty tight to me.

BUT, on the pro side for Limekiln: you have to walk in to scout and choose your spot; they won’t let you drive your car in until you’ve chosen your spot. This means you don’t have to suffer dozens of cars and their exhaust huffing and puffing down the camp roads during your stay. Nice one, Limekiln.