I’ve always wanted to do a classic pin-up photo shoot, especially since the resurgence of this style in recent years.  It always seemed like a classic, cheeky version of femininity – in direct opposition to the sell-yourself theme of advertising editorial photo spreads.

Like many ladies, I struggle with positive body image.  It’s gotten a lot better since I joined a roller derby team 2 years ago, and adopted CrossFit this year – I focus more on what my body can do, rather than its size in comparison to other ladies’ bodies.  Still, I wanted to find a way I could feel proud of my recent healthy initiatives, plus show off the gorgeous tattoo I finished in 2012.  A pin-up shoot seemed like just the way to do that!


photo credit: Shane Smith

So, the great news is that thanks to the help of Olay, I’m going to get this photo shoot!

I’m so excited!  I’ve found my photographer (he’s helped my derby team in the past with some great team photos) and my hair and makeup artist.  Now I just have to source what to wear.

Any ideas, tips, or suggestions?  Any styles you like?  Stay with me as I complete this goal to feel good in my own skin.