Last we left off , I had secured a  photographer, as well as a hair and makeup artist.  Juan, my photographer, has been super responsive to my ideas and is excited to work with me on the shoot.  And I have a Sunday appointment to go to a pin-up clothing store in the city on Sunday to scout for outfits.

So far, so good, right?

Well, sort of.  You see, I’m super nervous about posing.  I am not a traditional beauty, nor a slim jim (meaning, girl’s got curves), and the idea of being in front of a camera is giving me hives.  What if I look like a whale?  What if my skin comes out super pasty?  What if my neck disappears and I look like a linebacker?

Here’s what I look like normally:

Cute, but not, you know, someone you’d choose off the street to model.  So, I’m nervous.

But the whole reason I signed up for Go Mighty was to push myself past this place of fear and trepidation and into awesomeness.  And to help figure all this out, my friend Thu suggested I start a Pinterest pin-up inspiration board.  That way, I can pin looks and poses that might be good for the shoot.  Want to check it out?  You can do so here: Emblemist Pin-Up Inspiration Board.

Want to help me get my pin-up on?  Send any links for inspiration my way!  Extra points if the ladies are curvy and their poses make them look super rad.  What pin-up images inspire you?