When I first met Jamey, my husband’s cousin, she was still in high school. She was a bubbly blonde girl possessed with both incredible academic prowess and a shockingly huge collection of boy band posters.

As a person who spent her high school years entombed in a sea of black clothing while laboriously studying the finer points of how to execute the perfect backside tail slide, I found Jamey to be endlessly fascinating. She was the first high school kid I ever hung out with who actually seemed to like high school.

A couple of weeks ago, Jamey turned 30. She’s a total grown up now, complete with a super professional job and her own condo. Over time, I have discovered that Jamey and I, initial impressions aside, actually have a fair amount in common. We both love Elvis. We both enjoy making our family pets have faux conversations with us. Also, we both love cake, which gave me the perfect excuse to make Jamey a birthday cake of her choosing for her big celebration. Loaded with orange zest, chocolate, and (though I wasn’t able to capture a picture of it) topped with a mountain of whipped cream, it was one doozy of a cake for one doozy of a birthday.

If you’re interested in the recipe for this cake (as well as many, many more pictures), you can find it on Savory Salty Sweet , my food and cooking site.

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