Initially, I was worried about not just making cakes for people, but making special cakes for special people. This, of course, is a somewhat ridiculous faux-problem with which to saddle myself. Every cake, by virtue of the fact that it is made with love and care, is a special cake. Every person, sappy as it sounds, is a special person who is deserving of a cake. I didn’t have to turn the cake-making into a dramatic, Sophie’s Choice-style debacle, I just had to do what I love to do, which is make some cakes, give some cakes, and have a great time doing it.

When it first occurred to me that I might want to take my love of making and gifting cakes to a whole new level, it never crossed my mind that this goal of mine might actually amount to something larger than the actual goal itself. I like to make cakes, I like to give people cakes, so that is where I assumed my goal would start and stop.

And then Go Mighty stepped in, along with the lovely people at Olay. Together, they have decided to help sponsor my goal of making 50 cakes for 50 people. To say that I am deeply touched and slightly in awe of their generosity would be a vast understatement. Maybe because my cake-making tendencies have always been second nature to me—not really generating any sort of fanfare or extra-specialness when the task was conceived and completed—but when I heard of Go Mighty’s interest in my project, the entire thing took on a different level of meaning.

So, that’s what I am doing. I started with this boozy little number, made for my great friend Corinna , who has long been an unfailingly positive and supportive force in my life. It seemed only fitting to start things off with Corinna, since she, like Go Mighty, seems to exist on this planet to cheer people on and make good things happen. Case in point: Corinna was so excited about my cake-making goal, she decided to slip me some extra funds to, in her words, “pay it forward” and make even more cakes for more people. Keep the project in motion, she said. You see what I mean about deserving a cake? Corinna just might be deserving of all 50 of the cakes.

If you’re interested in the recipe for the cake (as well as many, many more photos), check it out on Savory Salty Sweet, my food and cooking site.

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