Jasmine Cowl

Jasmine Cowl was born out of an idea – what happens to the kids who save their world fifteen years later?  The book is a modern fantasy, blending a magic world with the mundane.  I’ve been working on it for about two years & finally completed it… now I just need someone to read it to help me edit.  I’m looking for honest critiques as well as technical editing; then I’d like to try to publish, either self or otherwise.

A blurb:

Jasmine Cowl is pissed.
Fifteen years ago, the young African American woman and a group of her friends had managed to save the world.  Now she’s stuck in a boring, mundane life, in spite of the fact that she works for the CIA… not that CIA, the other one.  Saddled with a family, a job, and the PTA, she thinks she’s found a new threat.  She and her friends have to take on their own problems as well as trying to get a handle on a new crisis.

Disgruntled gnomes, talking islands, and a car that seems to have taken a life of its own force themselves into Jasmine’s life as a hunt for a powerful wand turns her life inside out.  This time she’s fighting for more than the fate of the world.  This time she’s fighting for her kids.

JASMINE COWL AND THE SALAGI TALKING STICK is my debut.  It is a 78,000 word modern fantasy, the first of seven potential books.