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With each passing day, technology is reaching new heights. While
this is happening, the computer market and software are pushing to keep up. AOL
Desktop Gold is one of the efficient software that is available in the market.
It provides users with a user-friendly interface and also allows the users to
perform and utilize several other services at the same time. With several
amazing features, AOL
Desktop Gold Download
has become one of the
top-ranked desktop software in the market. This software caters to millions of
users across the globe. It is a product that has been brought into the market
by AOL Inc. and to ensure that this software is abreast with all the growing
technologies, they keep bringing new updates which constantly enhances the
software. Reinstall Aol Desktop Gold is an ideal software which would allow the users to access
several multiple features at the same time. This software provides the users
with effective compatibility, it also supports the Windows operating system as
well as the Mac operating system. Recently, AOL launched a mobile application
which would allow the users to access the AOL Desktop Gold services through
their phone as well. AOL also came up with an auto-update feature which would
ease the effort of updating the software for the users, cutting down on a lot
of manual effort. Even though this software has a lot of exceptional features
they do face certain malfunctions as well. Users have constantly come up with
issues regarding the auto-update feature of this software. At times, AOL gold
automatic update not working can be a serious issue as this would mean you
would have to manually update AOL Desktop Gold.

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AOL Gold

While having said all
this, this problem can be dealt with effectively using simple troubleshooting
techniques. Some of the solutions for this issue has been stated below:

Procedure to solve the error of Automatic Update

.  Immediately close all the running programs on
the computer, including AOL Desktop Gold.

.  After you have closed all the programs, choose
to restart the system.

.  After restarting, search for ‘Windows update’
using the start menu.

.  Further, move to the option of changing the
settings and select ‘Important Updates’. Right click on the same and tick on
the option which says ‘Install Updates Automatically.

.  Save all the changes that you have made and
then close the window

These given steps should your issue of AOL Gold automatic
updates not working. If this does not happen, the ideal way to move forward
would be to uninstall the AOL Desktop Gold software from your system, download
and Install AOL Desktop Gold again from their official website. If you come
across any query with any process you can easily connect with their customer
care to avail detailed assistance. AOL puts in a lot of effort to ensure that
their users have a good time using their software and are never caught up with
any issue whatsoever.

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