The Pintester Movement

This has been an effective way to get my dusty craft pins over to the ‘make it happen’ dining room table.  I always forget how much fun it is to try a new project.  Could someone pay me to do this all day, please?  (I took a job once as a Special Projects manager, but sadly it turned out to not be about crafts.)

So, what is Pintester and this Movement of which I speak?  To read more, check out:

I’m kinda proud of my necklace, I think I’ll start gluing circles together again and see what comes out. Perhaps sell them in my etsy shop? (

I can’t wait to see what other people made.  Good job in advance, fellow crafters!

My Project

I feel very accomplished at the moment- my project turned out cute!  I had some problems finding the right glue to use, and am not a perfect circle-cutter, but all in all I’m happy.  If the glue holds up, I’d say I put a nail in that craft.

The tutorial I used:

Here are the photos I remembered to take!

Supplies: (shot glasses make great circle templates)

I have no idea what kind of material I used.. I got it for free at a craft swap.  It’s kind of like vinyl on corrugated cardboard? Anyhow, I figured it was stiff enough for necklace.

Fabric glue and jewelry glue didn’t work, so Crafty Hot Melt to the rescue:

I had a length of this chain, and trimmed it to be the right size.  Hot glued it on the back:


and, voila!