If you have made up your mind to purchase pre-owned Cisco routers, you are on the correct path of saving money. It is definitely a wise decision to employ the Cisco equipment everywhere, where it is needed because it is indeed a smart way to stick to the thin budget.

However, you need to realize that not all Cisco routers are created equally. Some are the quality equipment that has been tested, refurbished and certified. While on the other hand, some areneither tested nor reliable or potentially counterfeit.

How would you know whether used Cisco routers are reliable or not?

So, here are some questions that you can ask your seller:

1.The testing procedures: The first step of the procedure is to test the hardware they have acquired before they sell it to you. How do they test the diagnostic? Do they reset configurations? Because a decent vendor will spend a bit of time testing the equipment they sell it to you.

2.Hardware testing measures: If the hardware is being tested through strict measures, they have to keep the track of at least 99.99%. It is a rule that if you buy refurbished Cisco equipment, it should not have a failure rate any larger than 0.5%. If your vendor can’t stand behind a solid reliability rating,then it is not worth investing money in.

3.Utilization of electrostatic discharge prevention method: The electrostatic discharge prevention is that little friction which could ignite the fire because the used and refurbished items have loose and damaged wires. A mere 100-volt discharge is enough to damage sensitive technology components, but get this: a human can’t even detect an ESD spark until the charge is at least 3,000 volts.

Conclusion: These are just a few of the many questions that you must to your vendor before purchasing used Cisco routers. The digitalwarehouse.com has been selling used Cisco routers and other products which is reliable and certifies. Go digital warehouse, play safe.