Web design
is an ever-evolving field. As technology
advances the possibilities and extensions of web design keeps expanding. Anyone
in the managerial end of a business has to deal with web design. The vast
possibilities of web design take a
lifetime to master. The complete needs from a managerial perspective can only
be effectively understood by a true professional who has a deep working knowledge of web design. You need
to run a background check on the said professional to find the depth of his
knowledge. You can use the parameters given below to analyze the previous works
of the professional.


people present all their needs, some amateur/inexperienced we designers throw
all the impending features onto one screen, cluttering the page. If you need a
coherent experience you have to avoid having too many distracting elements in
the primary page itself. On the contrary, if you exclude the necessary element
that’s negative too. Effective web design will have clear streamline flow which
users can follow and get what they want.

White space/Negative space

The areas
of the image that does not immediately attract attention are called negative space. This may feel like
it’s boring but when used artistically it becomes brilliant. Ample use of
negative space is popular in most minimalistic web design techniques.
Surrounding your most important elements with negative space will immediately
attract user attention to the element.

Follow visual hierarchy

It is
simply the size and placement of visual elements according to their importance.
In other words, it is the process of
prioritizing the elements. Without following proper hierarchy your website will
look like a giant pile of scrap to your visitor and they will have no idea on where
to click.

Choose colors wisely

The color
palette is very important in modern web design. Every business should have its
own brand color palette which should be used to spread the brand identity.

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