African fashion
design is known to the world for its boldness and uniqueness. It has been embraced
readily by the Western fashion world .The African garments are made beautiful with
creativity and style that goes into their creation. The culture, spirit and
nature of the African continent are eloquently represented in these garments.
There are many aspects of African fashion design that makes it truly original
and incredible, along with bringing with them a part of the African culture.
Clothing from different regions of the continent of Africa is a reflection of
that region and diversity. It can be very overwhelming to understand the
different styles and what each style represents.  By combining several
styles and patterns that surprise through their detailed craftsmanship, African
fashion designers manage to translate age-old colourful traditions into
multiple layers of complexity.  Habesha Kemis
is the national traditional outfit of Ethiopian women. It is an ankle length
long snow white dress decorated with embroidery. The cloth is made from thin
and delicate scarf made from cotton and is rather large.

African clothing
design has a high impact on western fashion that is why many designers have
chosen to channelize their curiosity for cultural diversity into their love for
fashion. The depth of these African colourful creations makes the entire
fashion industry richer and more authentic, without all garments produced by
western designers. In fact, most African garments showcase versatility and

Many would say
that African fashion design does not fulfil all the desired aspects, but the
truth is totally different. It represents traditionalism with its own touch of
modernism in it. With bringing a different note of beauty into today’s fashion
industry African fashion design has become very popular. Fabrics like cotton
are widely spread all over the world, but more refined ones, like silk or
velvet, are worn only by a small part of the world population, which makes them
so popular and extremely unique.

Vibrant, edgy collections occupy the top places
in African fashion, which is what makes them so versatile. Hints of brown,
purple hues, bold yellows are very popular and often times included by fashion
designers in their creations, while softer colours, like pale pink or pastels,
are left behind. There is always something special whenever you look at African
fashion clothing. This is the fact that it comes from a different culture, or
the unique characteristics that make it so easily recognizable.