How is this place only 15 minutes from my house and yet in my 2.5 years at current location and 6.5 years in northern Virginia, this is the first time that I’ve been here? Great Falls National Park, which is on the Virginia side of the river, across from the Maryland State Park of a similar name on the other bank has more than 15 miles of trails and several overlooks for the falls, including two that are handicap accessible. 

I was feeling a need for some introvert time, so on a Saturday morning I took myself off to the park. It’s definitely better to get there earlier in the day. I hiked down the river trail, stopping to look and think and rest several times.

At Sandy Landing, I stopped and had a snack, and just sat on a rock and read for a bit. My hike back along a ridge trail had far fewer people and was quiet to walk through the forest. A bit of true nature just a little bit from DC.