I am actually excited for summer this year. Maybe because it’s not excruciatingly hot and humid yet in DC, but actually pleasant. I consider summer to run from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Time to enjoy the places and people in my life!

1. Go to Jazz in the Sculpture Garden (pretty sure this is a mandatory DC thing) (Completed 7/25/14)

2. Go to a November Project Workout at each of the three DC locations (Lincoln Memorial, Meridian Hill Park, Surprise rotation) (Completed Meridian Hill 9/1/14)

3. Hang out at a pool for an afternoon (#1 Memorial Day, #2 August)

4. Picnic at a winery (Completed 7/12/14)

5. Day trip to Annapolis, MD and eat seafood (Completed 05/25/14)

6. Day trip to Frederick, MD (Completed 8/30/14)

7. Visit the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (Completed 7/6/14)

8. Visit the African Art Museum (Smithsonian) (Completed 8/15/14)

9. Visit the Anacostia Community Museum (Smithsonian) (Completed 8/31/14)

10. Go for a hike in Great Falls park (Completed 8/16/14)

11. Eat dinner on the porch at least twice

12. Read in my hammock outside