We all are aware of the
adverse effects of bullying on children. It not only shatters their peace of
mind but they remain lost and preoccupied with fear, shame and disgust.
Bullying is a mindset which encourages the bullies to obstruct the wellbeing of
others. It is usually seen in educational institutes which are considered as
the learning centers for students. A school can contribute a lot in overall
development of student personality. Schools should revitalize their policies to
curb bullying and promote peace and love. Different Bullying prevention
strategies can be used to shun down the bullying in schools.

1.  Identify the Bullies

It is very important to
identify the bully who is threatening students whenever no authority is
present. These students should be counseled by the counselors present in the
schools. Counselors do a great deal of help in identifying the main reason of
this disruptive behavior. He consults the parents to take the history of that
student. Parents should also supervise their kids in order to pin point the causes
for that behavior. Kid’s company should be assessed to look for plausible

2.  Rule and Regulations for Bullies

There should be proper
laws and rules for curbing bullying in schools. Each and every student should
know the clauses of these laws that a student who is involved in bullying would
not only be suspended from school but would also be fined. These strict actions
would be proved beneficial in controlling the bullies.

  1. Realization

techniques are quite useful in developing the insights among bullies to
understand the feelings of other fellow students. They get to know about the
drastic effects of bullying on the victim. Short videos with morals should be
shown in classroom weekly.

4.  Denounce Racism and Prejudices

Racism and prejudices
are the main reasons for bullying. School authorities must start activities in
which love for humanity is the main theme. School students have flexible minds
and they learn actively from such activities. They spend 7-8 hours in schools
and when they actively participate in these activities, they would also use
practice this learning in their real lives as well. That is why; school is believed
to play an active role in shaping up the personality of students. Teachers
should discourage racism and treat each every student with love and respect so
that students should follow their teachers.

5.  Yearly Awards for Peaceful Students

Schools should announce
awards and prizes for top ten students of the school which are seen as peaceful
and altruistic throughout the entire year. It will encourage other students to
win this title in the next year and they will work hard for that.

Schools are training
centers and play a crucial role in character building of students. Thus, Schools
policies matter a lot and each school can successfully stop bullying by
implementing the above mentioned strategies in schools. These will help in
producing brilliant and peaceful students which are helpful for enhancing
country’s image in the world.


This article has been written by Maria King from Cheap Essay Help | essayChamp , a Teacher, an Activist and a Writer who writes on topics related to student development and wellbeing.