One of my life goals – which I have had since I was able to hold a crayon (if you believe my parents and their exaggerated stories about me drawing on the walls behind the couch before I could walk) was/is to be a professional visual artist. Of course, I’ve been told multiple times growing up all the jokes about flakey artists, and the difficulties I would run into.

Knowing it would be a difficult road, I went anyway. I don’t think I could have chosen otherwise and stayed sane. Through University, odd jobs, and working to bring up the quality of my work, I’ve been working professionally doing visual art for years now. Was it difficult? Yes. Very. Was it #worthit ? Totally. I’ve been around the world, had lots of adventures, survived breast cancer, met amazing people, and brought it all into the art with me. I just finished my 4th major book cover, and have 7 more lined up, along with at least 5 children’s books, and a plethora of portraits and off bits that people keep asking me to do. (They might include playing card designs, car decals, life-size caricatures, to name a few.) My friends introduce me as “This is my friend Desz, the artist” which is always great to hear.

The funny thing about being a professional artist – it’s not an end destination. It’s a constant journey of not just bringing to life my own or other people’s ideas, but of self-honing and improvement. I’m better than most people, but not as good as others, so I still have competition and collaboration to deal with.

I’ve accomplished my life’s goal, but not my life’s work.