My violin is coming together. The back is finished and we’ve now attached it to the ribs I made. I just fitted the bass bar onto the top (with plenty of help from the maestro, Will). The next steps are making a label for it and carving the neck and scroll. The label should include my name, where it was made, and the year it was made.

If you were creating a label for an instrument you built, what would it look like? Think about all the people who might peer inside the f-holes trying to know more about the instrument. There’s the person who uses this violin. (NOTE: I’d like to put this violin into the hands of someone who is going to play all kinds of music with it. On stages. Around campfires. To little children. To raving fans. To their parents who are raving fans. It has less reach being played on my porch and I already have a lovely fiddle I like to play.) There’s the teenager who plays the violin for hours, avoiding parents, homework, the world (not projecting at all). What about the luthier who makes the first repair (because I’m unavailable to do it – by the time it needs its first repair, I’ll know how to make those repairs… maybe)?

I guess they’ll all want to start with the basic information, and that is probably why instruments have labels that say what they say. But if you could design one… ?