This Saturday I will take possession of my new apartment. My own apartment, in which I’ll live alone for the first time in my life. Calling it an “apartment” feels a little overzealous, actually. My new home is a 330 square foot room with a kitchen against one wall, and a bed and loveseat against the other. It’s roughly the size of a mid-level hotel room, but it’s mine. It’s a fair price, in a safe place and it’s actually quite cute and cozy. I’m excited and scared and excited and scared, in alternating waves of equal measure.

The main trouble is SPACE. There’s two small dressers and a tiny closet with a hanging rod. No bookshelves. Very few cabinets. And I have a lifetime of “stuff” I have acquired. A business-full of home office paperwork and equipment and supplies. Too many bottles of lotions and tonics than can fit in the bathroom and more shoes than Imelda Marcos. Seriously – who needs this many shoes?!? APPARENTLY I DO.

In short, I have two choices: either downsize my stuff to accommodate my downsized space, or live like a hoarder, carving passageways between piles of boxes and papers in my tiny living space.

After 6 months of separation from my husband, in which I’ve surfed between the apartments of my friends, I’m desperate for a soft place to land. A refuge. A HOME of my own. So I’m determined to put my crafty-beaver brain to the ultimate test of getting creative about storage and making it as efficient and attractive as possible. I have a little bit of credit for Target and the Container Store to help me, but not enough to help buy all the underbed boxes, tupperware containers, wicker baskets, and shelf separators dancing in my head. Enter pinterest. And craftiness. And a burning motivation to figure it out one way or another so I can finally feel at home.

And while it’s a great relief to move into a place that’s already furnished and live-in-ready, I need to find little ways to make it “my own” so it does feel like a home and less like I’m intruding on someone else’s space, masquerading in someone else’s life.

I’m up for the challenge, though. Ready to make my room a home. Ready to land, settle, live and thrive! What a great way to kick off 2013.