When I say it out loud, it sounds like the perfect plan.

“I want to travel the country, dressing and styling curvy women.”

It might not be as profound as curing cancer or ending genocide, but to millions of women disenfranchised by the fashion industry, it’s a big deal. It’s a big deal to be designed for. It’s a big deal to be heard. It’s a big deal to have someone sit down with you and teach you how to dress your body.

personal shopper

It’s a skill we never needed before, you see. We didn’t have fashion options, we didn’t learn to dress to shape or trend. Our clothing options were based on function and, despite the obnoxious patterns and excessive fabric, the intention to camouflage our presence.

But not anymore. I’ve been on a years long journey fighting to reinvent the way society, the media and the fashion industry sees beauty.

A few days ago, thanks to the AMAZING Rivet & Sway (OMG click here they are amazing and I want EVERYTHING)  I was officially able to put a dent into a major Life List goal… Dressing and styling curvy women. The start of the funding is in place, I was ecstatic, but how do you choose? How do you choose one person. One of who you hope to be many, but still, to start, just one.

I put a call out on my blog.  I didn’t expect to be flooded with hundreds of responses. I didn’t expect the emails, the Facebook messages, the tweets, the stories. Women’s stories.

Hundreds of deserving women, excited and inspired to participate. They told me about their lives, what this make-over would mean to them.

Mothers nominating their daughters, whom they never understood before, but want so badly for them to feel confidence and self worth.

How do I choose? How do I say you, but not you? It’s am impossible task.

But, today I will read every comment. Every story. Every piece of themselves they bravely poured out to me. And I will choose one, only one… for now.

Because I plan to make that one the first of many, all over the country.

It’s officially a movement. Our movement. So, get ready.