Prior to our first day of shooting, I had only met my two female co-stars, Alice Clayton and Keili Lefkovitz. We gathered in Palm Springs for a wild weekend together, and the sisterhood was immediately born.

Meeting the production company, the crew and Greg Grunberg, well, that was a whole different monster.

I mean, I’ve done plenty of TV work before, but transferring my written humor to television was terrifying. But hey, nothing like taking the big jump in front of actual famous people, amirite?

We all met for brunch and a pre-production meeting. Walking into the cafe’, I passed Rod Stewart and his son arguing at the table by the door. Nothing breaks the tension like seeing two messy haired men in tight pants fighting over teeny tiny cups of coffee.

Next thing I know, I’m eating eggs across from Greg Grunberg, Shane Johnson and Brad Savage, going over shoot schedules, planning wardrobe, and making fart jokes. If ever there was a perfect place for me in this universe, it was there.

We had full days of shooting planned, with not a moment free to come up for air. Four days in the back of a 1993 wood paneled station wagon, a campy cliche’ purchased especially for the show, exploring every weird nook and cranny L.A. had to offer.

We have the best job ever.