So six months ago, I taped the pilot for my travel show.

In my world, you know, the internet, what happens next is it’s picked up by networks and we’re on tv and up for an Emmy. Instant gratification. That’s how my brain works.

That is not how television works.

It’s been crazy hard to sit on my hands for six months while things were edited, re-shot, edited again, cut down, reviewed… all these things, NOT BY ME.

I’m a content producer. I have my hand in the growth and production of everything I make. Not having that has been a exercise in personal growth.

*deep inhale*

*and exhale*

See? This is me being patient and zen.

I mean, it’s not like I don’t have other projects I’m working on. (Curious? Click here because they’re awesome! )

And then BOOM.

Everything started happening at once. We’re building social channels, the edits are finished, the reel is ready to pitch, it’s go time. IT’S GO TIME?

I was in tears watching the trailer; both out of pride and absolute laughter. I trusted people with a narrative, and they told the story, and it’s perfect.

Well, raunchy and NSFW at times, but hilarious and celebrity filled and perfect none the less.

We are now embarking on this new phase. Balancing the traditional process of pitching a show, with new aspects of today’s new media environment. Incorporating social networks. Pitching to brands. Exploring new ways of engagement.

And soon, hopefully very soon… traveling.


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