Wanderlust. That’s what they call it. The strong desire to wander. Not exactly fitting when you have three small children and a house and a job and so many other things I could provide you with right now as proof that no, I am not allowed to want this for my life right now.

And yet…

I spent last weekend in Palm Springs, rubbing elbows amongst the most inspiring. If I said Camp Mighty was life-changing, I’d be stopping short. It was so much more. Between the panels and the connecting… I broke from the pack to, well, disconnect.

We climbed on scooters and checked out for four hours.

We rode through the mountains, we explored the rocky desert, we devoured the tastes and sounds of just being in the middle of someplace new.

I’m an amazing mom. I’m a stellar wife. I’m a fantastic business woman. And, I’m a wanderer.

It’s exactly what I want to do with my life, and the part of me I can’t wait to share.