I hate working out. 

I hate it.

I hate getting sweaty, I hate counting reps, I hate running a track or treadmill with no goal in sight. Exercise just seems so friggin’ boring, and I hate it.

But like, you have to do it, right? I’ve gotten so squishy this year – last year, I was in theater school and dancing four times a week. I had tons of muscle, but again, I hated dance class. I’m not good at it. I felt awkward and judged and faaaaaat in those dance classes. But there were some good things about dance that I enjoyed and that I’m looking for in other types of exercise.

1. The end goal is not just the working out. Working out for the sake of working out – going running, lifting weights and counting reps, etc…those will never be for me. I get bored too easily, plus I’m really interested in working out for practical and real life reasons, and these just feel like I’m wasting time.